Who Stole Our Oceans? Empowering Local Communities To Protect Our Oceans

Drilling Rig Site, Photo Credit: Who Stole Our Oceans Campaign website
Grant Amount $750,000
Duration Two Years

South African coastal communities have been some of the most marginalised, and are heavily dependent on the ocean for their livelihoods. The ocean is under threat from overexploitation of fishing stocks, exacerbated by the impact of climate change. Those with a close relationship to the ocean are the most invested in protecting its rich ecosystems, for future generations to enjoy sustainably.

This project aims to empower these coastal communities with skills and social capital in order to achieve long-term protection for the ocean. The communities will be capacitated to build networks and solidarity along the entire coastline, in a way that enables people to come together to call for further protection, for example, through increasing MPAs and withstand the current oil and gas threat and any further threat to the ocean.

The voice of marginalised and vulnerable communities needs to be heard, through meaningful participation, in order for decision-makers to create a framework that is both enabling and sustainable.