UN SÓLO MAR: Building Protected Areas in Uruguay/Brazil

Image Landsat
Grantee Gaia Foundation
Grant Amount $626,472
Duration Three Years

The political contexts of Brazil and Uruguay, which border the Southwest Atlantic, and the advent of new governments provide significant opportunities building alliances for effective conservation and ecosystem connectivity through marine protected areas  (MPAs). It is a region of great relevance for fisheries and biodiversity conservation with the La Plata River, one of the largest estuaries in the world, together with oceanic features of a subtropical convergence ecosystem.  This three-year project seeks to establish two adjacent Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)  with effective management plans, covering more than 150,000 km2. It will improve the performance of Brazil and Uruguay in relation to multilateral agreements on marine biodiversity conservation and connectivity; and leave the political and social leadership and general public of Southern Brazil and Uruguay with a greater grasp of the role,  contribution and benefits of MPAs. Project activities can also impact on IUU fishing in the Southwest Atlantic, encouraging the Uruguayan government to implement control mechanisms to prevent and deter illegal fishing fleets.