To support establishment of Cook Islands Marine Park

To support establishment of Cook Islands Marine Park

Aitutaki, Cook Islands. Creative Commons: Karin Noresten
Grantee Marae Moana Establishment Trust
Type MPA
Location Cook Islands
Grant Amount 945000
Duration 3 years

Oceans 5 supports a local conservation organization and traditional Maori leaders working to create a large marine park in the Southern Cook Islands. If successful, the project could result in one of the largest marine reserves in the South Pacific, providing long-term benefits to the people of the Cook Islands.

In mid 2012, Cook Islands’ Prime Minister Henry Puna established a 1.1 million square kilometer marine park in the Southern Cooks, simultaneously outlining a vision for the sustainable management of the nation’s large exclusive economic zone (EEZ).   He had previously established a marine park Steering Committee to help shape the establishment and designation of the park.   The Committee is comprised of representatives of civil society, traditional leaders and government agencies.

Oceans 5 supports the steering committee through the Marae Moana Establishment Trust, a local organization of respected community environmentalists.  Project activities will focus on consultations with traditional leaders and outer island communities; developing appropriate administrative and legal frameworks; and designing communications strategies to engage Cook Island residents.

Oceans 5 expects to provide funding for three years beginning in 2013.