To strengthen fisheries enforcement in Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean

To strengthen fisheries enforcement in Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean

Photo credit: Associated Press
Grantee Conservation International
Type IUU Fishing
Location Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador
Grant Amount 4433000
Duration 5 years

Oceans 5 is supporting three organizations in a coordinated project to combat Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing within the national waters of Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador, including a particular focus on the marine reserves of Coco’s, Coiba, Malpelo and Galapagos Islands.

The Eastern Tropical Pacific (ETP) is an area of immense ecological value that is plagued by illegal fishing.   Three of the region’s four countries have been identified by the United States as candidates for sanctions because of illegal fishing.  One country was similarly cited by the European Union.   Recently, the Presidents of two countries pledged significant new actions to combat illegal fishing, while officials in the other two also made substantial commitments.  All countries pledged to implement a new international treaty designed to combat IUU fishing activities.

Oceans 5 is supporting Conservation International, MarViva, and Forever Costa Rica to strengthen enforcement at established marine reserves and implement the new Port State Measures Agreement.  The construction of a radar facility has been approved on Coco’s Island National Park.  Other activities include supporting policy improvements, establishing vessel registries and implementing communications strategies to maintain public support.

Oceans 5 expects to provide 3 years of funding, which began in 2012.