Reinforcing Fisheries’ Governance In Guinea

Trawler SHENG HANG 808 during fishing operations in the Guinea EEZ ©TMT
Grantee GRID-Arendal
Grant Amount $955,000
Duration Three Years

 The fisheries sector of Guinea is of paramount importance to its society and economy, yet Guinea is known to have considerable problems with illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Even if the Government has made considerable efforts in the recent years, through the adoption of a new law, the development of a national action plan to combat IUU fishing, validated in 2017, the government's efforts to effectively combat IUU fishing are curbed by the lack of transparency, inadequate local capacity to police its waters and insufficient technical means leading to an over exploitation of the marine resources.

The project will build on this strong political momentum and make concerted efforts towards improving fisheries governance and policy reforms within the project’s timeframe. The passing of these policies will result in the protection of Guinean marine waters; the improvement of its fisheries transparency and the promotion of sustainable fisheries and management. The ultimate impact of this project is the reinforcement of fisheries’ governance in Guinea and the reduction of IUU fishing.

This will be achieved through three main objectives targeting technical capacity support in combating IUU, national fisheries legal and regulatory framework reforms and fisheries transparency improvement. Each of the three objectives will be achieved through specific sets of outcomes leading to a long-term impact on the reduction of IUU fishing activities and fisheries governance strengthening.