Reforming Fisheries in St. Helena

Fisherman in St. Helena. Photo by Martin Collins
Grantee International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF)
Grant Amount $540,000
Duration Three Years

Oceans 5 is supporting a partnership between the International Pole & Line Foundation, the St Helena Government, the St Helena Fisheries Corporation and local partners to establish a conservation area in St Helena’s 447,000 km2 maritime zone. The project will ban the use of destructive fishing gear such as baited longlines, purse seine nets and bottom trawlers, allowing only responsible fishing methods which enable tuna to be caught one at a time, thus creating the world’s first one-by-one only tuna fishing zone. This initiative will shield a vibrant ocean area from harmful fishing activities, protecting dolphins, whales, sharks and turtles. The project will also bolster the returns to this remote island community to provide valuable protection for the local low-impact, socially responsible tuna fishery.

Project activities focus on creating policies to promote and protect St Helena’s unique ecosystem, as well as the sustainable small-scale tuna fishery that has been part of island community for decades. It will provide a model for low-impact fisheries and marine conservation to capture a global audience and inspire governments and coastal communities.