Protecting Japan’s Seafood Market from IUU Fish: Establishing Traceability and Transparency Systems

Grantee Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd.
Grant Amount $1,800,000
Duration Three Years

Through the collective efforts of the Anti-IUU Forum Japan in 2016-2019, Anti-IUU Forum Japan succeeded in creating a huge momentum in Japan to establish regulations to tackle global IUU issues.  This new three-years project will focus on a more collaborative approach and to deliver greater transformation of the Japanese system to eliminate IUU seafood products in the market.  In the first year of the project, the forum is expecting to have the very first import control rules and new domestic catch documentation scheme in Japan and start implementing activities to improve transparency, accountability and stakeholders participation in the fishery management policy reformed in 2018. This project will also strengthen alignment with relevant regions and countries such as East Asia, the EU and the US in order to deliver global impact in combating IUU.