Protected Areas and OECMs in Indonesia

Protected Areas and OECMs in Indonesia

Daniel Leatemia
Grantee WWF Indonesia
Grant Amount $1,000,000
Duration Two years

Advancing Equitable, Effective Protection of Marine and Coastal Areas in Indonesia

In 2022, the Government of Indonesia (GoI) set an ambitious target to protect 30% of Indonesian waters by 2045 – representing 97.5 million hectares of protection. This builds on previous momentum in the Marine Protected Area (MPA) establishment that led to Indonesia having achieved 7.3% (23.9 million ha) MPA coverage in 2020, and the 2019 GoI announcement to ensure that at least 10% of Indonesian waters (32.5 million ha) are protected and managed effectively by 2030. These commitments echo the recent Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, where governments came together internationally in December 2022 to commit to achieving 30% marine protection by 2030. Under this new global framework, there is increased emphasis on community-led conservation and recognition of marine conservation beyond MPAs – particularly of Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures (OECMs) as a crucial pathway to achieve new marine protection.

The long-term project goal is "By 2028, the enabling conditions to support effective and equitable conservation of 30% of marine area in Indonesia will be in place – underpinning biodiversity, blue carbon, and sustainable livelihoods in Indonesia, and contributing to the 30x30 global biodiversity target."

The project goal is based on the GoI having limited capacity to achieve effective and equitable conservation of 30% of marine areas. The project will support GoI to create the enabling conditions to support effective and equitable conservation of 30% of marine area in Indonesia. The NGOs consortium of the project implementers (WWF, CTC, RARE, YPL, REKAM and KI) will develop simple and mutually agreed upon coordination mechanisms, criteria, and guidelines to support functional MPAs and OECMs. The project also builds on the consortium's deep experience supporting MPAs in Indonesia to pilot new innovative approaches to MPAs. The project anticipates the full package of proposed work that will take five years to be successfully executed. However, after two years (Phase 1), the consortium believes that will have made substantial progress in supporting the GoI to become well-positioned to implement its 30% protection targets. For project Phase 1 (2004-2025), the consortium will primarily focus on a national scale, but with 4 MPA and 5 OECM pilot sites. meanwhile, in Phase 2 (2026-2028), the consortium plan is to scale and increase the number of MPAs and OECM sites.