MPA Guide

MPA Guide

Photo courtesy of Communication, Inc.
Grant Amount $260,000
Duration Two Years

This proposal is designed to coordinate, support and amplify the efforts of a range of Oceans5 grantees operating in support of both quantitative and qualitative targets in the CBD post-2020 Agenda. The O5 grantee partners include the MPA Guide, the 30X30 Ocean Alliance, Communications, Inc., Oregon State University and Marine Conservation Institute (MCI).

It also aims to establish and utilise partnerships with institutions such as the UN Foundation who bridge the gap between civil society and UN departments. This partnership aims to support delivery of the campaign objectives by positioning and aligning O5 grantees alongside relevant UN agencies including IPCC scientists and the UNFCCC, BBNJ and CBD negotiators.

The proposal also aims to utilise the OneOcean flotilla initiative, an unbranded, collective drive to achieve maximum impact for the ocean by the end of 2020, by supporting ocean groups to align around key objectives, including setting new targets to protect at least 30% of the ocean in implemented, fully or highly protected MPAs by 2030. The initiative is guided by ocean organisations and informed by the work of scientists and other experts and is open to all non-governmental organisations sharing its principles and values.

The proposal runs from March 2020 to the end of 2021, and is focused on securing defined targets from the CBD COP and embedding the concepts and willingness to adopt the approaches necessary to deliver on the targets.