Marine Biodiversity Protection in Mozambique and Tanzania

Photo Credit: Emily Darling / WCS
Grantee Wildlife Conservation Society
Grant Amount $999,000
Duration Three Years

 Oceans 5 is supporting the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and its partners to enhance representation and effective protection of critical marine and coastal habitats and biodiversity in Mozambique and Tanzania.

The Western Indian Ocean contains over 50 biodiversity hotspots, comprising mangrove, seagrass, coral reef, beach, and pelagic habitats. Sustainable resource management provides critical benefits such as ocean-derived protein, livelihoods, coastal protection, climate change mitigation, and near-shore water quality. These marine resources and habitats are, however, threatened by unregulated fishing practices, coastal development, destructive upland land-management practices, and industrial development (e.g., oil and gas) in sensitive ecological areas.

WCS has for many years successfully employed a community-based, participatory approach to ensure MPA design and management is equitable, effective, and sustainably financed for improved conservation and socioeconomic outcomes.