Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative

Image credit: Mongabay Indonesia
Grantee Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative
Grant Amount $500,000
Duration Two Years

 Indonesia owns 6.4 million kilometer-square of ocean, which represents around 1.7 percent of the world’s ocean. However, Indonesia’s ocean also faces numerous threats that are affecting the health of the ocean and diminishing the marine biodiversity, such as plastic pollution, illegal fishing and impacts of climate change. Therefore, policies reform and coalition of actions which adhere to the principles of good and sustainable ocean governance are needed in order to maintain and improve the health of the ocean.

Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative (IOJI) is an independent policy advocacy group established to promote ocean policies that adhere to principles of sustainable development. IOJI was formed in February 2020 by founders who have experiences of working in public sector and expertise in law, maritime, environment and public policy. By carrying out IOJI's four work streams (Enforcement Support, International Advocacy, Policy Reform and Access to Justice), IOJI expects improvement in policies by the government of Indonesia in those 4 aspects, and subsequently other countries.