Global Transparency Coalition

Global Transparency Coalition

Illegal fishing off Gabon in 2011

Photo credit: NOAA
Grantee Oceana
Grant Amount 1200000
Duration Three Years

Transparency in discourse, policy and action have advanced tremendously in the past decade, albeit in an ad hoc manner across governments. Progress secured in whole or part by global and national NGOs and civil society collaborations has delivered increases in seafood labeling, public vessel tracking, and the release of information on licenses, quotas and enforcement actions. Moreover, fisheries transparency is an essential precondition for so many other marine sustainability objectives, from robust marine protected area enforcement to inclusive, science-based fisheries management.

The next step towards achieving global fisheries transparency is to knit together these areas of progress through a dynamic, multinational coalition of transparency advocates. Through this, we can more effectively coordinate our campaigning efforts, communicate the urgency of the issue, and elevate the need for transparency in the global agenda, thus helping deliver the changes needed for our oceans and the communities who rely on them.

Oceana and EJF propose to develop a Global Transparency Coalition that will build a strong, international community among global transparency leaders, sharing information and resources as well as helping to secure new support where gaps are identified. Reinforcing this, an ambitious, global communications effort will create a growing drumbeat of interest - elevating fisheries transparency beyond the marine policy bubble.