Expanding the Ring of Life for the Russian Marine Arctic

Russian Arctic National Park, © Vladimir Gershenzon
Grantee World Wildlife Fund
Grant Amount $986,000
Duration Three Years

Since 2014, Oceans 5 has supported WWF-Russia’s efforts with partner organizations to expand the network of marine protected areas in the Russian Arctic. As a result, the New Siberian Islands were designated as the second federal protected area in Russia and the nation’s largest nature reserve. In addition, four new marine protected areas are pending approval from the federal government, and the importance of marine protection is being discussed at the highest levels of Russia’s government.

The project will build on past support from Oceans 5 to improve protection for the most important areas of marine biodiversity in the Russian Arctic from increased shipping, unsustainable fishing, and other anthropogenic activities that threaten the integrity of the marine environment. Continued efforts to create marine protected areas, develop the enabling legal conditions for marine conservation, and reduce illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing will help protect marine biodiversity and resources, and support the people who depend on them.