Establishing Marine Protected Areas in Guatemala

Photo Credit: WCS
Grantee Wildlife Conservation Society
Grant Amount 485882
Duration Three Years

Oceans 5 is supporting the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and its partners to expand and improve the protection of critical coastal-marine habitat on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast. Guatemala’s sandy beaches, mud flats, estuaries, herbaceous wetlands, coastal lagoons, mangroves, and benthic habitat are home to hammerhead shark breeding sites, sea turtle foraging and breeding areas and nesting beaches, bird rookeries and resting areas for migratory birds, 12 species of dolphin and orca, and humpback whales. Increased protection and sustainable use of Guatemala’s coastal resources, especially fish stocks in national waters, are essential to Guatemala’s socioeconomic stability and the ecological integrity of the eastern Pacific marine corridor.

WCS has for many years successfully employed a community-based, participatory approach to ensure marine protected area design and management is equitable, effective, and sustainably financed for improved conservation and socioeconomic outcomes.