Enhance Taiwan’s regulation of Flag of Convenience in the Fishery Industry

Photo courtesy of YMFU
Grantee Yilan Migrant Fishermen Union
Grant Amount $300,000
Duration Three years

YMFU is the first immigrant labor union in Taiwan advocating for migrant fishers’ human rights, better working and living conditions, and protection from human trafficking. Since 2013, YMFU has supported migrant fishers to negotiate their rights with employers, organized labor movements, and provided legal assistance. After the collapse of the Nanfang'ao Bridge in 2019, YMFU fundraised approximately USD 15,000 for victims' families and represented them to negotiate with Taiwanese authorities for reasonable compensation. In addition, YMFU focuses on changing Taiwan’s current FoC policy and is engaging in a new project which aims at the two key objectives: improving the business transparency and the human rights protection of FoC associated with Taiwan.