An NGO Alliance to Protect and Extend European MPAs

Grantee Seas At Risk
Grant Amount €1,207,000.00
Duration Four Years

Oceana and Seas At Risk want to secure effective protection of marine biodiversity in Europe, and cement Europe’s role as a key global champion of ocean protection. To do so, both organisations propose a 4-year project focusing particularly on fishing and aquaculture activities inside MPAs. The objectives of the project hinge on both the implementation of existing law and commitments, and on the development of new legislation or EU-wide approaches. This requires working simultaneously and in a coordinated way at EU level and national level.

This project intends to achieve:

1. Seven European countries effectively protect all of the MPAs they designate for seabed habitat protection against the impact of destructive fishing.
2. Upcoming EU Restoration law creates legally binding targets to strictly protect at least 10% and restore 15% of the EU’s seas.
3. New areas are designated with strict protections (no-take zones) in at least 4 countries.