Greening China's Domestic Fisheries Subsidies

Inshore small scale fishing vessel - Wang JIanmin
Grantee Oceans Outcomes
Grant Amount 600000
Duration Two Years

This project intends to develop actionable policy recommendations for China’s domestic fisheries subsidies reform that could be practically implemented and lead to replacing harmful domestic subsidies with positive public investments in the recovery of fish stocks and conservation of wider marine ecosystems.

In Year 1 the project will consolidate initial information on performance and implications of domestic fishery subsidies and begin enlisting support of academic and NGO influencers. Key activities include a comprehensive report on the strengths and limitations of China’s commitment to phase out harmful fisheries subsidies in the 14th Five-Year (2021-25) National Fisheries Development Plan and underpinning provincial and local fisheries development plans. The first year of 2-year field surveys to collect empirical data on the actual implementation of intended domestic subsidy policy reforms for both industrial and small scale fisheries to evaluate differential application and consequences. Further, analysis will be initiated on the potential costs and benefits of ‘green’ subsidy alternatives being implemented or considered by the government with respect to their potential to address key fishery sustainability problems in Chinese domestic fisheries.

In Year 2 the project will build awareness with national and regional/local government representatives on domestic subsidy policy implementation outcomes/implications. Key activities will include: (1) continuing to conduct data collection surveys and research to support empirical analysis of domestic fishery subsidies and evaluation of the benefits and costs of controversial fisheries subsidy reform options; and (2) continuing key information outreach and strategy discussions with academic and NGO partners and enlisting their active support to engage national and regional/local government representatives, sharing project research, analysis and information. This activity would begin socializing and testing resistance/receptivity to potential recommendations to refine the final recommendation development and advocacy strategy.

In Year 3 the project will secure further domestic policy reform commitments by highlighting current implementation effectiveness and outcome implications compared to the benefits of needed revisions in meeting higher level government policy goals. Activities will include: (1) submit and advocating a set of policy recommendations to more efficiently align the Chinese government’s efforts to green fisheries subsidies with China’s overarching commitment to “sustainable and healthy development of fisheries”, “global marine ecological civilization” and “UN Sustainable Development Goals - SDG.” and (2) strategically organizing policy recommendations in various briefs to support direct advocacy efforts that will be conducted.