Fishing Vessel Compliance in Indonesia

Viking Vessel Burning – IUU Task Force photo

Oceans 5 supports the Kemitraan Partnership in efforts to both conduct a compliance audit of over 600,000 domestic fishing vessels in Indonesian waters, and to also secure a new transparent compliance monitoring program for about 4,000 of the largest fishing vessels operating in Indonesian waters.

Indonesia contains the world’s highest marine biodiversity and is among the world’s top five seafood producers.  Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo created a ministerial-level IUU Task Force in 2015, directed by Minister Pudjiastuti of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
Initial priorities of the Task Force included combatting illegal fishing by foreign-owned
vessels, halting new licenses for foreign-built vessels and prohibiting new licenses to large
Indonesian vessels. High-profile Indonesian Minister Susi Pudjiastuti’s IUU Task Force requested Oceans 5 support to conduct a large compliance audit of fishing vessels and develop a new regulation to strengthen compliance of the domestic fleet.This project will cement a legacy of improving fisheries compliance in the world’s largest archipelago (over 17,000 islands) and fourth most populous nation (250 million).