A Model for Indigenous Ocean Stewardship and Conservation in Alaska

Protected Areas and Fisheries in the Pribilof Islands, Alaska

Photo credit: First Alaskans Institute
Grantee First Alaskans Institute
Grant Amount 600000
Duration Three Years

For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples across the world have been the caretakers and stewards of the lands, waters, and wildlife with which they live in harmony. It has only been in the last few hundred years that our environment has faced many threats to its survival; threats that include disease outbreaks, environmental injustices, and human rights violations due to colonial occupation and the forced removal of Indigenous peoples and our ways of life. 

First Alaskans Institute (FAI) in collaborative partnership with Ocean Conservancy seeks to protect and strengthen Indigenous peoples’ leadership and authority over the oceans throughout Alaska. The center of this collaborative effort will be the creation of an Indigenous ocean stewardship model focused on Self-Determination and Self- Governance.